If you think you have a swarm of Honey Bees and you live in our area we would be delighted to help you. However, we must be sure the swarm is actually Honey Bees and not Bumble Bees, Wasps or any other insects. Does your “swarm” look like the ones in the pictures? If you are unsure please visit the British Beekeepers Association website here to check. BBKA – Swarm removal

Also, please be accurate when describing the height of the swarm. If you tell us it is 6’ from the ground and when we arrive it is at the top of a 20’ tree we will have wasted each other’s time.

If you have Wasps, we are unable to remove them and you must contact a local Pest Controller.

Once you are certain you have a swarm of Honey Bees and not other insects, please contact our Swarm Co-ordinator:

  • Mrs Lieva Nation
  • 07949 624354
  • welwynbees@gmail.com