Steam Wax Extractor


Steam Wax Extractor

Thorne Easi-steam Wax Extractor

Old brood combs have often been quite a challenge to many beekeepers:
What and how on earth do I deal with these old, brown & brittle combs? The
Easi-steam is the perfect answer.

• Based around a simple wallpaper stripper the device quickly and efficiently
renders old comb down into its component parts of beeswax and cocoon.

• The steam generator (4 litre capacity, 2000W) is attached to a galvanised steel cover via a brass coupling and 3 metre length of steam hose.

• This cover fits snugly over your own national brood box (make sure the steam inlet is not directly over a frame). The steel tray and grid are placed on a standard floor (not supplied) and the wooden eke placed on top of the floor. The brood box with old frames and steel cover are placed on top of the eke. Ideally the complete unit should be on level ground and tilted forward slightly to facilitate wax collection. It is a good idea to raise the hive just enough to fit a collecting tray under the outlet.
• Switch on the steam generator and wait. After about 20 minutes wax and water will run out of the front of the hive. Leave running for 15 minutes and then wearing gloves carefully remove the steel cover and see if the frames are clear of comb. If they are, remove the brood box and lower the steel cover over the eke, this will give a final blast of steam to the cocoon and comb still left on the steel grid. A further 5 minutes should suffice in reclaiming any remaining wax.

The first week’s loan is free but there is a charge of £5 per week after. Also the equipment should be returned clean and undamaged. A cleaning charge will be made if necessary and any missing or damaged parts will need to be paid for.

If you would like to borrow this item, please contact