We are very fortunate in having access to a number of apiary sites in the area. If you would like to keep hives at one of the apiaries or have any questions please contact the respective Apiary Manager.

Raffin Green Farm
This apiary presently has two members on site and can also be used as a quarantine apiary for swarms. Please contact Peter if you wish to place or remove colonies from the site.
Contact: Peter Folge – the_beekeeper@hotmail.com

Dane End
A lovely site with lots of space for more members’ colonies.
Contact: Nick Leech – njleech@ntlworld.com

Knebworth Golf Club
Plenty of space for extra colonies. Association training colonies also on site.
Contact: Mike Goodhew – mike.goodhew@ntlworld.com

North Mymms Park
Secure private site, all spaces have now been taken.
Contact: Andy Crossley – andyc321@hotmail.com

Brockswood Lane Allotments, Welwyn Garden City
Experiment running with colonies which have not been treated for varroa.
(Unfortunately there is currently no space available for members’ hives)

University Of Hertfordshire, Bayfordbury Campus
We have been allowed to keep hives on the University’s Apiary at the Bayfordbury Campus alongside the University’s own hives. The Campus is used for a wide range of nature based field trials adding an even wider interest to keeping hives there.
Contact: Mike Goodhew – mike.goodhew@ntlworld.com

Digswell Lake, Welwyn Garden City
New apiary site in a splendid private lakeside setting. Unfortunately all spaces are now allocated. Please contact Anne regarding a waiting list.
Contact: Anne Freimanis – a.freimanis@icloud.com