Some links which may be helpful. We do not endorse any of the companies listed.

Suppliers of Hives and Equipment:
E H Thorne – The oldest and largest supplier.
Caddon Hives – Good basic range. Sells frames in singles.
Heather Bell – Wide range of Hives & Equipment
Paynes – Hives and Equipment, specialises in Polystyrene hives & nucs
Maisemore Apiaries – Hives & equipment, also Polystyrene hives & nucs
National Bee Supplies – Hives & equipment
Abelo – Hives & equipment, also Polystyrene hives
Peak Hives – Top quality National Cedar Hives
Hertfordshire Bee Supplies – Local bee inspector Peter Folge’s Bees & equipment

Simon The Beekeeper – Low cost beekeeping clothing & equipment
Bee Equipment Ltd  – Regular sale items
C Wynne Jones – Equipment & Honey jars
Freeman & Harding – Honey jars
Bee Basic – Clothing & equipment
B J Sherriff – Classic Bee Suits
BB Wear – Clothing & equipment
Oz Armour  – Ventilated sting-proof suits & equipment
Natural Apiary  – Ventilated sting-proof suits & equipment
The Bee Shop – Clothing from Somerset

Beekeeping Associations & BeeBase:
National Bee Unit – BeeBase – Animal & Plant Health Agency
British Beekeeping Association (BBKA)
Hertfordshire Beekeepers Association

Other useful links:
BeeCraft Magazine – Monthly magazine “The Informed Voice Of British Beekeeping”
Dave Cushman – Information and ideas from a very experienced beekeeper
Bush Bee Farms – An American site but plenty of relevant hints and advice
Peter Folge’s Twitter  – Very useful information and thoughts
Digswell Lake Society – Information on all aspects of Digswell Lake
Herts & Middx Wildlife Trust – Local wildlife trust
Welwyn Planning & Amenity Group – Issues concerning Planning and Amenities in and around Welwyn.
National Honey Monitoring Scheme – working in partnership with UK beekeepers to monitor long-term changes in the condition and health of the countryside.