Beginners Courses

Bee Awareness Sessions
The Bee Awareness sessions are held in the Autumn and are aimed at those who are just interested in knowing more about bees and the work of the Beekeeper, and those thinking about taking up Beekeeping.

Venue: Christchurch Parkway Halls, Welwyn Garden City
Dates:  2019 date TBA – 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm

This course is free to attend.

Please email Mike Goodhew at for more details.

Beekeeping Beginners Course
Each year, the course is intentionally run starting in March in readiness for those wishing to start beekeeping straight away to gain a good basic understanding and make all the necessary preparations for introducing a colony of bees at the ideal time of April to June.

It’s also for those wishing to take a slower approach to help another beekeeper or just observe for a year or so.

The course includes ….

– An overview history and background to the Honeybee and Beekeeping
– The make-up of the Honeybee colony; the history of Honeybee ‘nesting’; Honeybee foraging and uses within the hive; and materials and produce from the hive, and wide ranging uses
– Modern day hives and equipment
– Different types of hive; Beekeeping clothing; and hive tools used to maintain the hive
– The new Beekeeper getting started
– Where to keep bees; positioning the hive; obtaining a Beginners Hive, clothing, and tools; and obtaining Bees
– The Beekeepers First Year – Spring, Summer, late Summer, and mid-Winter Honeybee colony and hive inspection and maintenance
– An overview of the range of training and support to cover the hobbyist beekeeper with one or two hives, up to the serious beekeeper with multiple hives and associated activities.


The course includes a copy of the BBKA Guide To Beekeeping book (RRP £18.99)

Venue: Christchurch Parkway Halls, Welwyn Garden City
Dates:  The course is over six sessions…
– Tuesdays 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th March 2019 – 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm
– Saturday 16th March 2019 – 2 hour practical hive and frame assembly session  – (time to be confirmed)
– Apiary visit in April 2019 – Date to be advised – weather dependent

Cost : £80 for the full course which includes the BBKA Guide to Beekeeping Book.

N.B. This course is always oversubscribed so you are advised to register your interest early to avoid disappointment.

Contact Mike Goodhew at