Bee Improvement Programme

Bees with queen

2018 saw the start of an exciting new Bee Improvement Project which is headed by our own Seasonal Bee Inspector, Peter Folge.

The aim of the project is to continue improving our local honey bee populations so that all Members can benefit from good-natured and low swarming bees. It was decided to use Buckfast Bees which already have a very good track record with regards to gentleness, low swarming and disease resistance. They tend to remain quiet on the comb, produce white honey cappings and do not over-use propolis.

To briefly outline the project:

• Minimum 3-5 year project
• Purchase of 2 Buckfast Mated queens per year
• Danish Buckfast Island Mated Queens  – For raising Queens
• Danish Buckfast Random mated Queens  – Raising Drones Only
• Delivery: mid-June to mid-September
• Year 1 – production of drone comb and drone brood
• Year 2 – Production of drone brood and distribution to members incl. some queens
• Year 3 – Production of drones distributed to members incl. some queens
• Year 3-4 – Buckfast queens for sale to members at discounted rates

For more information and to register your interest in taking part, please contact Peter Folge at: